The Private Brands Group of Edgewell Personal Care takes innovation seriously. We pride ourselves on developing quality products that deliver performance comparable to the market leaders in the manual wet shave category. We have a dedicated team for new product innovations who continuously challenge ourselves to discover new technologies that provide a better shaving experience for our consumers. We believe that there is always room for improvement and are always looking for ways to innovate – even with our older technology products.

In 2013, we have developed a family of new products with the latest open blade architecture technology platforms: Caliber and GT for men, Halo and Affinity for women. These products range from 3 blades to 6 blades and utilize our latest technology in blade geometry and lubrication. Come back regularly to visit our website for the latest product innovations!

Come back regularly to visit our website for the latest product innovations!


    We are focused on quality. Learn about our process and how we continuously and consistently produce quality razors and blades!

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    We understand the importance of customizing our offerings. Explore our capabilities of making products that meet your specific needs.

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    Consumer research is the basis for our products. We develop products using qualitative and quantitative research. Learn about our process.

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    With our numerous distribution centers around the world, we will surely be an efficient and cost-effective partner regardless of your location.

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